Certified Mortgage Professionals

The Utah Association of Mortgage Professionals (UAMP) announced a new designation for those individuals in the industry that are wanting a higher level of professionalism, a higher degree of knowledge a higher designation than just Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO).  The UAMP announced the newest designation the Certified Mortgage Professional (CMP).  This designation is earned by a professional mortgage loan originator earning points in six areas of experience and agreeing to abide by a code of ethics, professional standards and best lending practices.

The CMP should be earned by every member of the UAMP and every MLO in the state.  The NMLS exam was a good starting point.  After the application is complete the candidate will need to complete the CMP exam which has been developed by the Board of the UAMP to require a higher standard than even the NMLS exam.

The application is broken down in these areas: Eligibility requirements meaning work history, formal education, industry education and participation in the UAMP.  Once the application has been completed it should be forwarded to the UAMP for review and to determine the point value.  The point value is a system to determine if the candidate has met the minimum experience requirements to sit for the CMP exam.

Once the board has determined that the candidate has met the experience requirement an exam is scheduled and if successfully passed the candidate receives the designation.  It is challenging but worth the effort.  The UAMP hopes to be able to begin awarding the CMP at the upcoming Expo.  The application is enclosed and the UAMB expresses genuine desire that the industry will respond by attempting the Certified Mortgage Professional designation.  Good luck to all the candidates!

Download the applicaiton by CLICKING HERE