The UAMP is the only professional mortgage association in Utah that was created by Mortgage Professionals, for Mortgage Professionals. Together with the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB), The UAMP represents only Mortgage Professionals and their interests, at every level of government, and to the public.

When issues arise, as they do every year, the UAMP goes to bat to protect the interests of both Mortgage Professionals and Consumers. It is vital to our industry that mortgage brokers in Utah have their voices heard. Through the UAMP, mortgage professionals have the forum and the access necessary to participate in the legislative process and be heard at every level of government.

Your membership is very important to us. We encourage every active mortgage professional in Utah to unite with the UAMP, and to be active in working to preserve and improve the mortgage industry.

The UAMP also offers many benefits to its members, including:

  • National and Regional Event Discounts

  • Marketing and Business Help

  • FREE local events

  • FREE news and information

  • Influence and access on Capitol Hill

  • Discounted continuing education (CE) courses (up to 8 credits per year!).  These are available at UAMP's Education Conference, the UAMP Annual Expo, and other UAMP Chapter Events.

  • Discounted Pre-licensing Education (PE) and Continuing Education (CE) courses offered by NMLS Approved Instructors.


  1. Associate Broker/Silver Membership - $245 Annually

    - This membship is an individual membership for mortgage company employees or loan     officers.  This is NOT a company level membership.
  2. Industry Professional Membership - $645 Annually

    - This membership is for those supporting industries including whoeslae lenders, appriasal management, title, credit, insurance agencies, IT professionals, inpsectors, home warranty, marketing, adverstising, coaching and all other companies that support the mortgage professional(s).

It is important when completing the application that the appropriate membership be selected and paid for, please contact the UAMP if you have any questions about the membership that should be selected.  Email us at [email protected]

3 Easy Ways to JOIN TODAY

1. Online - Click HERE to Complete our Online Application

2. By fax or email - Click HERE to download a UAMP Membership Application

3. Contact UAMP - Call 972.400.8108 or email [email protected]